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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  October 5, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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what happened? we created a haven. not just us, saudi arabia, qatar, united arab emirates. they poured equipment in there. some have ended up in the hands of isis. they were given to moderate rebels. i said this on the floor the other day. how many of these moderate islamic rebels would recognize israel as a nation. zero. many of them have already announced that they will attack israel when they're done with assad. they've said we don't care about isis because they ahead assad also. when we're done with assad, we might deal with are israel. we come before a committee last week and secretary kerry says, we asked him where do you get the authority. he says from the 2001 resolution.
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i said, well, didn't that allow us to go into afghanistan? what does that have to do with now? he said we can provide defense against forces such as al qaeda. i said it doesn't really say that but if that's the way you interpret it, maybe since the moderate rebels are fighting along side al qaeda, you could attack them. it makes no sense. but he's going on with this charade that he can do whatever he wants. he finally said, well, even if the resolution in 2001 to go to
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afghanistan has nothing to do with syria, well, the president has article ii authority. that's where the executive branch gets their power from the constitution. so really, he doesn't care. none of them care. we didn't have any vote. they just went on willy-nilly to do it. there can be honest debate over whether we should. and frankly, i think we should do something about isis now. there should be no debate about the fact it should be done in a constitution way. we should have debate in congress and it should never be done unilaterally. [applause] i've been pretty harsh about the republican party winning the presidency again and winning national elections. we're doing great in certain congressional districts. in certain red states we're doing fine. i've said we must either adapt, evolve, or die as a party. we need to be a more diverse party. we've got to have more people in our party, black, white, brown, with tattoos, without tattoos, with earrings, without earrings. we need to look like the rest of america.
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i've been trying to go places where we haven't gone. i'm the first elected republican i've been trying to go places to go in years. i bring a message that says you know what? we care about people who live in poverty and we care about people who are unemployed. how would we fix it? we have a plan. so i took a plan to detroit and i said we will help detroit by leaving $1.3 billion in detroit. i'm not going to get it from north carolina. i would just let them keep it. money that they would have normally cents to washington over a 10-year period, it would be a billion dollar bailout but a bailout with their own money. democrats have nothing to offer detroit. we got the vote in detroit. i think we show up, have a plan, we tell people with difficult circumstances that we want to help them and you know what? then all of a sudden we transform a whole electorate that hasn't been considering republicans and then we become the dominant party again. how do we do this across america? we got to show up. i think as we do it, we have to do it with an optimism. we have to do it with a smile. we have to do it by showing that we truly do care about people,
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where they are and where they live. i'm reminded of the both -- or the painter robert henrime, he advised young painters to paint like a man coming over the hill singing. i love that image. i think when we proclaim our message like a man coming over the hill singing. when we proclaim our message with the passion of patrick henry, with enthusiasm and warmth for growing the economy and getting a job for everyone, then i think we'll be the dominant party again. thank you very much. advised young painters to paint like a man coming over the hill singing. i love that image. i think when we proclaim our [applause] ♪
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>> we recently covered a debate in california's 52nd congressional district. local reports have the race currently rated as a tossup. >> winning to secure the border first. -- we need to secure the border first. not only so that we can prevent an immigration system where people get to run to the front of the line, but also for national security issues. who knows who is able to cross into our border in terms of terrorist groups.
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order security is a critical prerequisite. latinos support a secure border. democrats support a secure border. they point fingers at each other . i think we ought to focus on issues where we see great unity in this country. bipartisanwould get support if we focused on those areas of agreement. >> there is no disagreement in the senate. part of it is securing the border, they want to build a fence all the way across the border.
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we cannot get a vote because the speaker of the house will not even put it up for a vote. the u.s. chamber ofwe cannot gee speaker of the commerce, the farmers and the farmworkers, the faith community and the tech community, they all agree. harvest business school says is the one of the most important things we could do to get job creation going and get the economy moving. how important with that be to san diego. >> campaign 2014 coverage continues tomorrow in arkansas were former president though clinton attends a rally for senator mark pryor. that will be live at 1:30 p.m. eastern on c-span. our debate coverage continues tomorrow with the race in north carolina second congressional district that features renee ellmers and clay aiken. you can watch the debate at 8:00
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on c-span. president obama attended a dedication ceremony for the new american veterans disabled for life memorial in washington dc. it has been in the works insulate 1990's. president obama spoke at the ceremony talking about the countries obligations to its veterans. minutes.0 >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states, brock obama. -- barack obama. ♪
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>> ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of the disabled veterans life memorial foundation, it is our honor to present to american citizens, the american veterans disabled for life memorial. it is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce to you the president of the united states, barack obama.
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[applause] >> thank you so much. good afternoon, these be seated. -- please be seated. veterans,our disabled are extraordinary wounded warriors, we gather here today on this gorgeous ottoman day in autumn day in america. maybe it was there on the battlefield as the bullets and shrapnel rained down around you, maybe it was as you lay there, the medics tending to your w ounds. perhaps it was days or months
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later in a hospital room when he yoully came to -- when finally came to. perhaps it was years later in the midnight hour when the memories came rushing back like a flood. wherever you were, whatever your story, it was the moment that binds each of you forever. thatmoment of realization life would not be the same. arm,foot, your hand, your your lake, maybe both -- your leg, maybe both, your site, piece of mind. part of the was gone. -- part of you was gone. speaking to his federal as fellow veterans of the civil war, as i look into your eyes, i feel a great trial in your youth
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major difference different from what you could have been without it. he said, we learned a lesson early, which has given a different feeling to life. a sense of duty that burns like a fire. to everyone at the memorial , especially our friends at the disabled veterans of america, to all the architects and craftspeople who lent their talents to bring us memorial to life, members of guests,, distinguished and most of all, to our veterans who have come to know a , it isnt feeling to life
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a great honor to be with you today. centuries,an two americans have left everything they have known, families and friends, and stepped forward to serve, to win our independence and to preserve our union and to defend our democracy, to keep safe the country we love. when the guns fall silent, our veterans return home ready to lay their part in the next chapter -- play their next part -- their part in the next chapter of our american story. we have not always so filled our obligations to those who served our nation. few have known this better than our veterans wounded in more.
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in the first year after a revolution, when our first -- when our young nation resisted the idea of a standing army, veterans of the continental army returned to towns that could be indifferent to their service. one veteran mangled by a british musket ball was deemed as unfit for labor. frustrated by his inability to secure the pension, he wrote that many of those who aided in conquering the enemy are suffering under the most distressing poverty. after the civil war, and after the first world war, disabled veterans how to organize and march for the benefits they earned. our nation has worked to do better. to the right by these patriots -- to do right by these patriots. in the united states, those who have fought for our freedom forgotten.r be
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today, we take another step forward. memory foral weekend the first time, the two battles are disabled veterans have fought. the battle over there and the battle here at home. the battle to recover, which can be even harder, certainly longer. grounds,these quiet , and we areeir eyes able to join them on a journey that speaks to the endurance of the american spirit. and to you, our veterans and winded warriors, we thank you for sharing your journey -- wounded warriors, we thank you for sharing your journey with us.
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shock ofour fears, the that first moment when you realized something was different , the confusion about what would -.e next, the frustration , your refusalve in the face of overwhelming odds to given to despair or to cynicism. your choice to overcome. like a veteran who said it is possible for a man to lose half .is physical being we can see perseverance, your unyielding faith that tomorrow can be better, your relentless determination three years of recovery and surgeries and rehab , learning the simple things all over again.
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in some cases had a talk and how to walk. when you stumbled, when you fallen, you picked yourself up and carried on. you've never given up. here we get a glimpse of the wounds within. the veteran who says, i relive the war every day. because no matter what were you served in, whether they called it shellshocked or battle yards orr the thousand posttraumatic stress, the unseen wounds of war are just as real as any other. they can hurt just as much, if not more. we are reminded that none of you have made this journey alone.
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a wife or husband, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, neighbors day,riends, who day after year after year, have been there lifting you up, pushing you further, rooting you on. like the caregiver who said, i love him for who he was in his heart and he still have that. today we salute all of your families. finally, we see our wounded veterans are defined by what you can do. -- in iraq, her humvee was hit and she suffered burns
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and broken bones and lost her right arm. she struggled physically and emotionally. with the help of her fellow wounded warriors, she came to focus on what she still had. today, what she has, is the respect of her fellow veterans who she mentors, a business of her own, one that hires veterans and a beautiful six-month-old son. picture now graces us memorial and we are honored she is here today. stand up. [applause] i have seen her story over and over and over again. in all of the wounded warriors and veterans i've been able to meet.
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i want every american to see it. after everything you have and george, after all the loss -- endured, after all the loss, you summon in the best in yourself and found your strength again. many of you have learned to walk again and stand again and run again. how you have competed in races and marathons. love,u found joy and getting married, raising children. you found new ways to serve, returning to your units or starting new businesses, or teaching our children, or serving your fellow veterans. know what real strength is, if you want to see the character of our country, the country that never quits,
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look at these men and women. i would ask all of our disabled canrans here today if you stand, please stand, if not, please raise your hand so our nation can pay tribute to your service. we thank you. we are inspired by you and we are honored by you. [applause] from this day forward, americans will come to this place and ponder the immense sacrifice made on our behalf. -- on their behalf. so we might live in freedom and peace. of course, a reflection is not
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enough. our expressions of gratitude are not enough. here in the heart of our nation's capital, this memorial is a challenge to all of us. a reminder of the obligations if weountry is under and are to truly honor these veterans, we must heed the voices that speak to us here. let's never rush into war because americans sons and daughters bear the scars of four for the rest of their lives. -- scars of war for the rest of their lives. [applause] let's give them a strategy of omission and support -- of a mission and support so that they need to get the job done. when their mission is over, let us stand united as americans and
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welcome our veterans from with the respect and thanks they deserve. [applause] if they come home having left part of themselves on the battlefield on our behalf, this memorial tells us what we must do. as they set out on that long road of recovery, we need to new heaven and earth to make sure they get every single benefit, every single bit of care, that they have earned and they deserve. [applause] if they are hurting, and don't know if they can go on, we need , you areud and clear not alone. it is all right to ask for help. we are here to help you be strong again.
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warriors may have a different feeling tonight, but when we are truly there for them, only give them every opportunity to succeed and continue the enormous contributions to our country, our whole nation is stronger. all of our lives are richer. if you are an american and you ae a veteran, maybe with prosthetic arm or leg or burns on her face, don't ever look away. away. turn you reach out and shake their
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hand and look them in the eye and say, welcome home. thank you. we need you more than ever. you help us stay strong and free. [applause] to every window forhand and looe and say, welcome home. thank you. we need you more than ever. you help us stay strong and free. [applause] [applause] >> ♪ ♪ god bless america land that i love herd beside her and guide through the night with a light
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from above to thee mountains prairies to the ocean white with foam god bless america my home, sweet home americas home, sleeweet home ♪ [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ >> the british house of commons will be in recess over the next few weeks so party leaders can attend their annual conferences. the house of commons returns in mid-october. you can watch british programming on our website at >> monday night, jeremy grant agency promotes more
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internet security, talks about ways to increase data protection. >> the government is not looking to endorse any particular solution, but rather describe the agency like. be the guidepost. looking at the pilots we have, some that are looking at based apps which will be used in lieu of a password to login to different sites. others are testing all sorts of biometrics. the kind of things we are testing out. >> monday night at 8:00. q&a with johnnetta
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cole. the international monetary fund director speaking about the state of the global economy. ♪ "q&a," our guest is johnetta cole, the director of the smithsonian's national museum of african art. she talks about her thoughts on race relations in america today. >> the last time i looked, you


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